• 1
    Location in the heart of the historic, dynamically developing district - Praga Południe
  • 2
    Excellent transport links with Warsaw city center
  • 3
    Comfortable offices in historic interiors
  • 4
    Cafes, restaurants, fitness, parking
  • 5
    Fresh look at organizing office space


Warsaw’s right-bank has been a cultural melting pot for decades, characterized by its individual atmosphere: bohemian Saska Kępa, lively crowded streets such as Targowa and Ząbkowska, Różcyki’s bazaar and industrial Grochów – all just a few minutes away from the center of the capital.

Today the differences are disappearing; Praga is developing but remains unique. Great restaurants, design studios and museums are operating in renovated historic buildings and production halls.

PRAGA 306 is a place deeply rooted in the history of Grochów, starting from year 1911 - when a family company opened a factory of lighting elements here. Successive buildings were erected until 1961, each has its own character and witnessed historic events.

Now is the time to write another chapter of this story. We invite you to join our project!



Lokalizacja w smym sercu historycznej, prężnie rozwijającej się dzielnicy Praga Południe

Świetna komunikacjia z centrum Warszawy

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PRAGA 306 offers flexible leasing solutions ranging from small to medium and large premises. The majority of available space is designated for office use, but the project also offers high quality retail and services areas.

The unique atmosphere of the PRAGA 306 project is attractive for large multinational companies as well as smaller creative organizations.

  • 103
    years of history
  • 100
    parking spaces
  • 6
    architecturally different buildings
  • 8
    commercial units on ground floor
  • 3,8
    average height of premises
  • 7
    entrances to the building with stairways
  • 3
  • 11K
    m2 of office space
nasze okolice
  • Praga 306
  • Our immediate neighborhood:
  • Skaryszewski Park – just a few minutes walk from the project
  • City Authorities of Warsaw Praga Południe district
  • District Court in Warsaw for Praga Północ and Praga Południe
  • Residential investment by Budimex Nieruchomości – 412 apartments
  • SWPS University – University of Social Sciences and Humanities - more than 10 000 students
  • Neighbourhood:
  • G o o g l e  Campus
  • National Stadium
  • Soho Factory – a place dedicated for a vast variety of activities ranging from commercial to artistic uses, as well as a residential area
  • Zygmunt Hübner Powszechny Theatre
  • Saska Kepa district – cafes and restaurants
  • to the Gocławska tram stop
  • directly to the National Stadium Metro Station
  • directly to the Warszawa Stadion Railway Station
  • directly to the Warszawa Wschodnia Railway Station
  • to the Old Town
  • directly to the Central Railway Station
  • to the International Chopin Airport
dlaczego praga

Praga - district located close to the city center of Warsaw with excellent transport connections. Dynamic development, large investments, revitalization plans – for these reasons the differences between left-bank and right-bank Warsaw are quickly disappearing. Due to significantly lower operating costs it is the perfect location for large companies as well as smaller organizations. Check out why Praga is the perfect place for your office.

  • 1
    Great location and excellent transport connections
    • A few minutes to the city center
    • Second metro line, railway, trams and buses
  • 2
    1 billion PLN for the revitalization of Praga!
    • New roads and the extension of the second metro line
    • Activity and creativity centers
    • SOCIAL FLATS FOR LEASE - an innovative program with preferential lease terms
  • 3
    Improvement of infrastructure and new investments
    • 3 additional metro station to be completed by 2019
    • Public investments: Baj Theatre, Sinfonia Varsovia, Konopacki's Palace
    • Private investments: G o o g l e  Campus, Soho Factory, Praski Port, old factories Koneser and Pollena
  • 4
    Lower operating costs
    • Office rents can be up to 40% lower than more traditional office locations in Warsaw
    • Smaller areas and more flexible lease terms
    • Universities in close neighborhood – access to a large base of skilled workers
  • 5
    Dynamic development of Praga
    • The combination of living history of Warsaw and modernity
    • Historic buildings, original street layout, unique atmosphere
    • Plans for the modernization of commercial premises in the central parts of Praga

The history of the buildings currently located at Grochowska Street no. 306/308 dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1911, when the dynamically developing family lighting company decided to start its own production, and construction of the manufacturing plant was initiated on a purchased land plot on Kamionkowska street. The production of simple installation and lightning protection equipment initiated in 1914 resulted in an unexpected success.

After the resumption of production post World War I, it was soon obvious that the manufacturing complex needed to be expanded - buildings for the administration office and warehouse space were constructed facing Grochowska Street. In 1934 an additional wing was built and used as a forge and a cloakroom. In the following years another building was erected for an assembly plant, storage of raw materials and a staff canteen. In 1937, the wing connecting the factory and administration buildings was constructed along the Gocławska Street.

At the end of World War II, the factory buildings were not destroyed only due to the rapid liberation of Grochów. Immediately after the war, the factory was nationalized and the production of electrotechnical products was continued under the name of "Zakłady Wytwórcze Urządzeń i Aparatury Grzejnej. Since 1951, devices for the aviation industry were produced here, and soon aviation devices completely replaced the production of electrical equipment. In 1959, the official name of the company was changed to Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego "Grochów".

Soon, in addition to the production of aviation equipment the company began manufacturing armor and missiles and developing complex systems for rocket launchers and control systems for the navy. Control units for anti-tank missile “Trzmiel” and “Malutka”, “Krab” as well as anti-aircraft missile “Strzała-2M” and “Strzała-1” were produced here among others. After the merger of WSK "Grochow" and WSK "Warszawa II" located at Podskarbińska Street the company was eventually renamed Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego PZL. Until 1989 many organizations and associations were located here, for example: SIMP, SEP, KTiR, LOK, PTTK Club, Fishing Club and Pensioners Club. Since June 2012 the branch of Bumar Ammunition SA - Department of WSK "PZL Warszawa II" in Warsaw was located here.

Today we are creating history. Be a part of the PRAGA306 project!

Grochowska 306/308, 03-840 Warszawa
Phone: +48 22 350 00 78


Praga306 is a team of professionals with many years of experience in the commercial real estate market in Poland, Central Europe, Russia and the United States. We have completed more than 50 successful office, warehouse and retail investments, with a total area of over 2.5 million sqm. and a market value in excess of $ 2.5 billion.

On May 19th 2018 project Praga306 participated for the third time in a unique event - Warsaw Museum Night 2018. Once again we were surprised by the amount of visitors, which exceeded our wildest expectations. Our complex and the courtyard was specially decorated for this occasion with photos of the project and illuminated with extraordinary lights.

The visitors had an occasion to listen to an unusual concert of a local band - Kapela Praska, and taste free delicious coffee served by a professional barista. Our team also had a reason to celebrate because of the first anniversary of our Mini Museum’s activity.

We would like to thank everybody involved in preparation of this wonderful event and especially we would like to thank all visitors. Without You this night wouldn’t be so magical. See You next year!

We would also like to inform You that Mini Museum of PRAGA306 is open every Wednesday and Friday from 11:00 A.M. till 4:00 P.M.

Feel welcome to visit us and check our slideshow from Warsaw Museum Night 2018.
On 14th of March 2018 we were happy to invite all real estate agents cooperating with PRAGA306 to a special lunch, which was organized to celebrate the end of construction works in all buildings of our complex.

The lunch took place in ready to adapt office space in building A. Numerous guests listened to a special presentation about PRAGA306 and learned more about interesting business ideas developed by one of our tenants – Startberry.

Our guests had an opportunity to have a look at already completed fit-outs in our tenants’ premises, but also they could taste the food specially prepared for this occasion in a style of old Warsaw’s Praga. It was the first, but surely not the last of this kind of event in historical walls of PRAGA306. In one month from now we invite all of You to Museum Night 2018 to see our Mini Museum of PRAGA306.
On 20 May, 2017 project Praga306 participated in special event - Warsaw Museum Night 2017. It was also the day of grand opening of Mini Museum of Praga306, in which we collected old photos of our historical buildings, posters of former factory of lightening “Bracia Borkowscy”, information boards, exhibits and reminders of previous companies. The purpose of all this is to remind about remarkable history of complex at Grochowska 306/308 street.

For our visitors we had some special attractions as free hot drinks including freshly roasted delicious coffee and performance of accordionist Patryk Walczak, who created a magical atmosphere of pre-war Warsaw’s Praga. Whole complex was lightened in different colors, which emphasized the exceptionality of this night.

The frequency exceeded our wildest expectations. On this night we had hundreds of visitors – younger, older and kids, everybody could find something interesting. Visitors with curiosity listened to the stories about industrial buildings of Praga306. We were also pleasured to welcome a couple of former workers of “WSK II Warszawa”, who told us a lot of anecdotes connected with this historical buildings and about their work here.

The whole evening was captured by professional photographer, and the effects of his work can be seen on our facebook page: We would like to thank everybody involved in organization of this amazing night, which will remain in our memory for a long time!

„Startups play an important role in stimulating digital transformation in Poland. In this partnership, we’d like to give every Polish startup the access to the necessary resources, technological platform and experts, which will allow them to build their digital competence, expand to new markets and grasp business opportunities”.

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Inspiring space of approx. 650m2 will be created for startups, with access to support from more experienced partners comprising this game-changing project. Startberry is not the only tenant from the new tech sector at PRAGA306. Cludo, and Senfino also have their headquarters here. Praga district is a growing hub for technology companies in Warsaw.
Buildings in the Praga306 complex are under advanced construction works.

Currently the facade of the #2 building, located along Grochowska street, is being renovated. The demolition works inside the building are completed, and the construction works will be finished in April 2017.

Building #2, with its postindustrial character, offers office premises from 50 m2 to about 2000 m2, as well as approx. 420 m2 of retail area with direct entrance from Grochowska street.

Buildings #6 and #7 are under advanced demolition works, and will be ready for occupation in November 2017.

In building #1 we plan to change facade and finish in November 2017. This is the last stage of the renovation works in the Praga306 complex.

We encourage you to visit our finished premises in building #4, located along Gocławska street.
On November 17th 2016 furniture showroom “D2” started operating in Praga306. The Tenant occupies over 500m2 of office and retail premises located in building #4.

D2 is active on the market since 2008, but its management team has been involved with the furniture industry for over 10 years. They conduct wholesale and retail sales in their showroom in Praga306.

D2 follow global furniture design trends and introduce the latest furniture collections onto the Polish market.
On the 28th of June 2016 the last available premises in building #4 have been leased.

Furniture showroom “D2” joined the Praga306 project as a Tenant.

D2 will be operating retail and office premises with an approx. area of 500 m2 located on the lower ground floor in building #4. Their showroom has a direct entrance from Gocławska Street.

The lease agreement with D2 completes the leasing process in building #4. Besides D2 there are the following offices Tenants in the building:,, Cludo sp. z.o.o. and Schurter Electronics sp. z.o.o.
We have started renovations of the facade in building 204 on Gocławska Street!
At the turn of the 2Q and 3Q of 2017 we plan to complete all revitalization works in PRAGA306.
The renovation of building 204 with a total area of 2.100m2 located along Gocławska Street is completed. We are very much looking forward to starting cooperation with potential Tenants. This postindustrial building provides office space and is able to accommodate Tenant’s needs that range from approx. 50m2 to 500m2. The building also offers a 500m2 area with a planned direct street access for retail use or services.

We are eager to start working with our Tenants. Our team will be more than happy to show you the building.
On May 26th 2015, the 12th edition of the popular Museum Night was held in Warsaw. We took this opportunity to show our project to visitors and share its long history with them, as well as present our revitalization plans.

The number of visitors exceeded our wildest expectations. We all spent this time in a friendly atmosphere, offering snacks and hot drinks to our guests. During the evening the visitors expressed active interest in our project and provided a very positive feedback regarding our plans for the near future. The event also gave us an opportunity to exchange views with our neighbors and enthusiasts of Warsaw's historic buildings.

Thank you all for your participation. Please feel invited to take part in PRAGA306 upcoming events. We will keep you informed!